What Makes A Car Go Fast

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What Makes A Car Go Fast

Posted by Brusse Ancelin on Saturday, 12 October, 2019 14:30:09

To rebuild a big block to go fast would cost a hell of a lot more money than setting up a small block. There were small block wizards all over the country making GM 350s and Ford 302s fast as hell. In the eighties, the V8 still dominated the American fast car.

Besides the motor, there is another easy way to make your electric RC car go faster - by changing the battery voltage. For example, if you upgrade your cells from 7.4 volts to 11.1 volts, you will see an increase of around 25mph in speed!

Just because your car can go faster, doesn't mean you need to be racing off every stop light or speeding down the highway full throttle, clocking your zero to 60 time. There is a time and a place to show off and push the performance limits of your vehicle, but definitely not at the cost of risking the safety of others.

Nitrous is an oxygen-rich compressed gas, which, when injected into the engine with the corresponding amount of extra fuel, gives an immediate boost in power. Most standard production cars can happily withstand a 50bhp increase in power via nitrous with no ill-effects, and that's enough to make any car a load faster.

10 Cheap Ways To Make Your Car Go Faster. But, for many first-time car owners and weekend warriors, the challenge isn't to get more from an already fast car, it's to unlock the potential of

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